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Every part of your experience at Meyer Dentistry is focused on your smile, comfort, and overall experience. Our orthodontics care is no different. We want you to leave feeling confident in your smile, which is why we offer a wide variety of options to fit your personal care needs. From braces, clear braces, clear aligners, and retainers, we’ll find the right fit to achieve the smile of your dreams.


Traditional braces are one of several methods used to correct misaligned teeth and bad bites. At Meyer Dentistry, we offer braces to help our patients achieve a more beautiful smile. Please call us today to learn more about braces in Greenville, South Carolina, and schedule an appointment with our dentist today. 

Braces are an orthodontic treatment option that can help you achieve a smile that is straighter and healthier. One of the most common orthodontic treatments available, braces work to improve your smile by gradually, gently realigning your teeth. Braces consist of a system of metal brackets, wires and bands. The brackets are attached to the front of your teeth and are connected to each other through the use of a metal wire and bands. As we adjust the wire, the braces guide your teeth to their ideal positions in your smile. Ceramic braces are also often available, which are the same color as your teeth for a more discreet orthodontic option.

If you have ever wanted your smile to be straighter and more attractive, braces may be right for you. With braces, we are able to correct orthodontic issues such as:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Gapped teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Problems with the bite, including crossbite, open bite, underbite and overbite

During your treatment, you will visit our office on a regular basis so we can make sure that your braces are adjusted as needed to continue progressing toward a straighter, healthier smile. Dr. Meyer and the team will help you reach all of your oral health and appearance goals through personalized, high-quality care. To learn more about braces, please contact our office today.

Clear Braces

If you need to correct misaligned teeth but worry about the appearance of traditional braces, clear braces may be the option for you. Dr. Meyer and our team here at Meyer Dentistry are pleased to offer this aesthetically appealing alternative to traditional braces. We welcome you to contact us today to learn more about clear braces in Greenville, South Carolina, and schedule an appointment with our dentist.

Clear Aligners

Everybody wants an attractive, straight smile, but most patients want to avoid the hassle of metal braces. At Meyer Dentistry, we are pleased to offer clear aligners. Rather than using metal anchors and wires, these braces are custom-formed, computer-generated clear plastic teeth aligners that are practically invisible. We welcome you to contact our dentist today to learn more about clear aligners in Greenville, SC!

Clear aligners are a great choice for patients who are searching for a more discreet orthodontic treatment option for straightening their smile. Each set of aligners is designed to make small changes to the alignment of the teeth. As you switch sets of aligners about every two weeks, your teeth will gradually and gently move to their proper positions. You will also visit our office on a regular basis during treatment to make certain that your smile is progressing as planned.

In general, clear aligners can be used to treat the same orthodontic issues that are normally treated with braces. Dr. Meyer may recommend treatment to correct:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Gapped and spaced teeth
  • Certain problems with the bite, such as an overbite, underbite, crossbite or open bite.

During your initial visit, we will determine whether you are a good candidate for clear aligner treatment. This treatment is often a good choice for adult patients and others who are interested in a virtually invisible orthodontic treatment. In addition to being discreet, clear aligners are very comfortable because they are custom made from smooth, thin plastic. The aligners are removable as well, which allows you to easily remove them as needed to eat, brush and floss. We welcome you to call or visit us today to learn more about clear aligners.


You may find that your teeth have shifted over time, even after you have completed treatment to align your teeth. To maintain straight, healthy teeth, our dentist may recommend that you be fitted for a retainer. To learn more about retainers in Greenville, South Carolina, and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Meyer at Meyer Dentistry, please contact our office today!

A retainer is a custom-made oral appliance often used to maintain the alignment of your teeth after orthodontic treatment. If you have finished your orthodontic treatment, our dentist may recommend a retainer to keep your smile properly aligned. As you age, your teeth tend to shift; the retainer ensures that your teeth remain in correct alignment for optimal oral health, functionality, and appearance. There are three main types of retainers available:

  • Hawley retainers consist of wires and clasps embedded in a plastic body that covers the roof of the mouth (for the upper arch) or lies along the tongue-side of the teeth (for the lower arch). The clasps fit around certain teeth to anchor the retainer in place, while the wire arches across the front of the teeth to maintain their alignment.
  • Clear retainers are made of clear plastic and fit snugly over the teeth. A clear retainer is usually more discreet than a Hawley retainer, although it may not be as durable.
  • Fixed retainers, also called bonded or permanent retainers, are permanently attached to the backside of the front teeth. They prevent the teeth from shifting out of place and can only be removed by a dental professional.

Dr. Meyer will help you determine whether you need a retainer after your orthodontic treatment. For more information, we welcome you to call us today!